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How to Reset My Relationship Status in 5 Days

For about six years now, I have been in a relationship with a guy called Nick. Recently, things have started to go downhill. Work seems to have taken over his life and he seems to be more interested in work than me. Sure, I know that I am busy at London escorts but I don’t work the same hours that Nick does. It feels like his job has taken over his life and he is not interested in me at all. We had a chat about it, and Nick confessed that he loves his job more than me.

That sort of statement does not really make a girl feel good about herself. I could not understand why Nick thought that his job was more important than me. He said that he found that his job is more challenging and gives him something which I simply cannot give him. On top of that, he said that he was a little bit jealous of my success at London escorts. He said that he felt that he had to work harder than me just to keep up with me. To me, it sounded like he was jealous of my job with London escorts, but he insisted that it was more than that.

As we sat there talking, I realised our relationship had run its course. It was time to get things sorted out. I told Nick that I did not want our break up to drag on and on. One of the girls at our London escorts service had recently broken up with her partner and it had taken him a month to move out. That would simply not work for me, and I told Nick that I wanted to move on with my life as soon as possible. I gave him a five-date plan to get out of our relationship.

That very day we started to pack up Nick things. I made him give his mom a call to tell her that he wanted to come home for a little while. As it was my flat, things were pretty easy. Once Nick had sorted out what he wanted to take, we put it all on his car. I think that he was a bit surprised and I must admit that I felt a little bad about things. However, it was clear that he had made his mind up and was ready to move on. He wanted to get on with his career and I wanted to get on with my London escorts career as well.

Five dates later, we had sorted out our financial arrangements. I found myself alone in my flat, and for some reason, it felt good. Our relationship problems had been going on for such a long time that I had got fed up with them. Sure, I realised that Nick was jealous of my London escorts career, but surely a relationship is about more than jobs. It seemed to me that Nick did not really know what he wanted to get out of life. I was not sure neither, but I certainly did not want to be in a relationship with someone who did not that working for London escorts was a “real job” as Nick had said.

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