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What Causes Vaginal Burning?

A range of health issues can cause vaginal burning. Speaking to my London escorts colleagues, it soon becomes clear that many of us girls at London escorts have suffered from vaginal burning from time to time. It can happen for various reasons and is not always linked to an STD. Last year, my doctor decided to change my contraceptive pill and that lead to extreme vaginal itching and burning for me. I had to go back and as soon as I did so, the doctor put me back on the pill that I used to be on.

Virtually anything can cause vaginal itching. Even some of the clothes that you wear, especially certain types of lingerie, can cause vaginal burning. I know that buying lingerie made from polyester is a lot cheaper, but I never do. All of the lingerie that I wear at London escorts is made from cotton or silk. During my time with London escorts, I have learned to be careful, and try to avoid vaginal burning or itching. However, lingerie is not the only thing that you should be careful with when it comes to trying to avoid vaginal burning.

I have met young London escorts who are less than careful when it comes to looking after their vagina. For instance, they don’t use any special cleaning products when it comes to caring for their vagina. Instead they use standard shower products. That does not do you any good at all, and you should really learn how to avoid using them. I always tell the young London escorts who join our escort agency to look out for the more natural and kitty friendly products as I like to say to them.

You should also be careful what sex toys that you use. Rubber sex toys can actually set off an allergic reaction. That being said, some metal based sex toys can set off allergic reactions as they can contain nickel. When I buy new sex toys for myself or one of my friends at London escorts, I always make sure that I read the label first to make sure I know what it contains. Ending up with a burning vagina is not something any of our girls at London escorts would like to do after all.

When you are younger, you may not realise how important it is to look after your kitty. Some moms simply don’t tell their daughters how to look after their vaginas and I think that they should. When I leave London escorts andd become a mom, I will make sure that I will tell my daughter how she can look after herself. The more information that you can give to your daughter, the easier it is. I think that we should all share this kind of information with our daughters and with our close female friends as well. After all, it is all into our interest to look after our kitties.

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