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Keep up with me please…

I am not sure I am ever going to be able to find the right partner for me. Most guys I have met have been real douche bags in bed, and I have not been able to find the right sexual partner at all. I can see why so many gents complain about their partners. You really do have to kiss a lot of frogs before you end up with the right partner. That is one of the lessons I have learned from working at charlotte London escorts. Mind you, it is not the only lesson I have learned at London escorts.

We really don’t talk enough about sex. When I start to talk about what I like doing in bed, most guys are a little bit taken back. They all seem to be into what I call standard practice sex. For me, the entire sexual experience is meant to be something really sensual, and I don’t think that a lot of guys can see that at all. Many guys think it is all about shagging still. Do I run into guys like that at London escorts? you bet that I do and I think there are a lot of unsatisfied ladies out there who do not speak about for themselves.

Do we need to change our attitude towards female sexuality? I think that we do. Women are still not seen as sexual beings in their own right. Sometimes I think that a lot of men only would like to use for their sexual needs and desires. But women have desires and sexual fantasies as well. I think that you will find that women’s sexual fantasies are as diverse as men’s sexual fantasies. When I say that to guys I date at London escorts, they are often surprised. So I challenge them, and ask them to speak to 10 different London escorts.

What would happen if you spoke to 10 different sexy charlotte London escorts about their fantasies? I am sure you would come up with at least 10 different answers. Would I be surprised at that? No, I would not. I think many women have hugely variable sexual needs and men often ignore them. Women have become more outspoken about their sexual needs, but there is still some way to go. I still don’t think that women are keen on talking about their sexual needs.

The first time I asked my current boyfriend to use a vibrator, he was really taken back. He seemed shocked that he had not satisfied me enough. I explained to him that I find it easy to have achieve an orgasm several times, but it was not always on penetration. He was totally shocked. Mind you, it was the same day as I told him I worked for London escorts, so he had a lot to take in that day. The fact that his girlfriend wanted him to use a vibrator was just the final straw. But he did try and did not make such a bad job out of it. Let’s put it this way. Since that day, we have had plenty of practice of sex toys. I am one of those girls who really like my sex toys…